Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pig Tails!

I didn't play with dolls, I didn't play dress up much as a kid, but there's something about putting Alyssa in pretty clothes that makes me smile.  I've been totally jealous of a few babies because their moms have been able to put their daughter's hair in pig tails. 

This past weekend I was playing with Alyssa's hair, as I do a lot, and thought "maybe there's enough hair to do pig tails".  We bought some hair ties from the dollar store (no, I did not pre-own any.  And why do the dollar store sell them in packs of 100 or 300?!?!?  I understand they get lost but I do not want 300 hair ties in my bathroom drawer) and when I got home I did her hair. 

It didn't go over so well at first

But I managed to get them in.  Here's a shot of the back of her head.  I need to practice getting them even, but to be fair she squirmed through most of it.

Then we got her to smile after cuddles and bouncing her on my lap.

I love this one

looking sneaky

Then she decided she didn't want them in anymore and pulled them out

I am super thrilled to see her in pig tails.  She just looks so cute!!


  1. Awe. That is so cute. My daughter, Now 26, never had enough hair for me to play with either. So pigtails for never an option. Now her daughter, my grandbaby, is 3 and has long beautiful hair. I played with it when she visited me last week, and we did pig tails also. There's just something about a little girl in pigtails.......and the packs of 100? Hey, I had a drawer full of them when I didn't need them. Now that my hair is long enough for a pony tail, I only have ONE. And i guard it with my life! LOL....anyways....sweet post and pics. She is adorable.

  2. Aw I love her pigtails! Bless her little face in those first pictures, she is so cute huni thank you for linking up with Joshua's Photo Party x x